Save Unsustainable Energy: Some Everyday Gadgets Using Solar Power

The current world’s consumption has risen to nearly two times than it was in 1980. This has prompted energy producers to seek a myriad of options to satisfy the energy consumption need of the growing people population and industries.

Wind and solar are among the most prominent renewable power sources, with Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimating that 50 percent of the energy consumed worldwide will come from the two by 2050. Besides being cost-efficient, solar energy is a clean option as it doesn’t emit harmful emissions like greenhouse gases as it is the case with burning of fossil fuels.

At household level, electrical bill expenses have skyrocketed to levels which consumers feel to be too much. As a result, the manufacturers of electrical gadgets have intervened by creating solar-powered products. If you are fed up with crazy energy bills, why don’t you replace your ordinary everyday electrical gadgets with the solar-powered. In case you are wondering which regular devices can use solar power, here is a list of some of them:

Solar-powered Security Cameras

Security cameras are very integral to the tranquility of our homes and businesses. However, in remote some places where electrical power isn’t available, the electric powered ones can’t function. In such a case, solar-powered security cameras come in handy. Just like ordinary security cameras, solar-powered ones can record all day long. If you have a property in a remote area and you want to keep a close eye on it notwithstanding electrical power connectivity problems, consider installing solar-powered security cameras.

Even if you live in a place with good electrical power connectivity, you can save a significant amount of buck after replacing your traditional wired CCTV system with solar powered security camera systems. The majority of solar security cameras are easy to control. They don’t require a technician to adjust their settings physically. Instead, they can be controlled remotely from the control centre through the Cloud.

Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers

Are you regularly on the go and have minimal time to get your cell phone fully charged from an electrical power source when it runs out of power while on transit? Or do you live in a remote area where there’s no electrical power connection or power black outs are the order of the day and would like to maintain seamless communication with your friends, family or colleagues via your phone? Don’t worry. You can now get yourself a solar powered cellphone charger for convenient and cost-effective phone charging.

A solar power charger features solar panels which convert solar power into electricity. Unlike the ordinary chargers which have to be plugged to an electrical power source for them to charge phones, a solar one can store energy for later phone charging on a wet or cloudy day or at night when there’s insufficient sun energy. Solar powered chargers come in various shapes, sizes, functionalities for a wide range of cell phones. When it comes to designs, the chargers mostly feature three deigns: windmill, folding and pocket.

 A windmill design charger has three fan-out panels to draw as much solar energy as possible. A folding-deign solar charger is compact and lightweight and when it is open, you’ll see its solar panels which range from two to four. Besides cellphone, a folding-deign solar charger can also charge an iPod or even MP3 player. Finally, as its name suggests, a pocket solar charger features a compact design, enabling it to fit into your pocket. It’s a convenient emergency power back up option that can bail you out when you want to power your phone in in an emergency situation.

Solar Powered Lawn Mowers

You want to keep your lawn neat but are tired of those bothersome trips to the gas station to fill up your lawnmower? A solar powered lawn mower got you covered. Unlike traditional mowers, a solar powered mower doesn’t require those costly gas station refills as it is exclusively charged from a special solar panel power station. The mower is charged when it is not in use and when its battery gains full charge, the mower is stored awaiting for future use.

Considering that lawn wowing intervals are normally three to seven days, the period is enough for your solar powered lawn mower to have sufficient charge for the next mowing. In addition to being convenient and cost-efficient in terms of energy consumption, this solar option is very environmental-friendly and it doesn’t have any internal combustion that could lead to harmful emissions.

Solar-powered Backpack

If you are a regular hiker or camper, you’ll most likely acknowledge keeping your gadgets (laptop, cellphone, tablet, camera…) charged as one of the major challenges that you experience when you rely on the traditional power sources. It’s inconveniencing. You want to make an urgent call because your phone is off. You want to access your laptop but you can’t because it has run out of power and there’s no power source nearby. Fortunately, with a solar-powered back, such issues are sorted out.

Solar backpacks are among the most recent green energy inventions, helping people to keep their devices sufficiently charged and functional regardless of the availability or unavailability of the conventional power connection.

A standard solar backpack looks almost like an ordinary backpack but has a solar panel attached. The solar cells on the bag are placed in a way that they are exposed to the sun while you are wearing the bag. The solar panel collects sunlight, converts it into electricity and then stores the electrical power in the in the batteries which are built into the backpack. Then, connect your electronic device such as smartphone or tablet for convenient charging.

Solar Flash Lights

Solar Flashlights are also another green energy innovation. A standard flashlight helps you to see objects that are within a range of 50 metres from your location. It shares some resemblance with an ordinary electrical flashlight but has a small solar panel with various photovoltaic cells on its handle. The solar panel charges the flashlight effortlessly. For energy efficiency, the bulb featured in a solar flashlight is normally an LED.

Those are some of the everyday gadgets using solar power. Consider incorporating them in your lifestyle for environmental conversation, improved convenience and cost-efficiency

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