Who we are
The Wishing Well Foundation USA Inc. is a non-profit organization headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Its federal tax ID is 72-1297795.  The Foundation’s single goal is to bring joy to children with terminal illnesses by providing them with their fondest wish in life.
Confronted with the tragedy of a family friend with a terminally ill child, the founders, Elwin and Lisbeth LeBeau, comforted their friend as best they could as their friend's child's life slowly ebbed away. That experience left an impression in the LeBeau's lives which caused them to wonder about other terminally ill children and their families...families financially unable to provide their ill child with anything other than the basic needs.
Responding to that thought the LeBeau’s learned about some of the charitable organizations reaching out to these children and their families. But as Lisbeth so aptly states, "Can there be too many groups granting last wishes to children with terminal illnesses". Since there are literally thousands of children in the United States who have unfulfilled wishes, the answer to that question is quite simple.
And so...Utilizing their own funds, the LeBeau’s began reaching out to families of children with terminal illnesses by establishing the first The Wishing Well Foundation USA Inc., in Louisiana. 
What we do

The Wishing Well Foundation USA Inc. contacts businesses and the residential community in an effort to find compassionate people who will support their efforts of bringing children with terminal illnesses their fondest wish.
We also hope to provide the family of the ill child with some special memories...memories not of hospitals, doctors and treatments, but memories of a more carefree time; a time the child will cherish for as long as they live!
The family will have a fond memory of carefree days...the day their child was granted their fondest wish.


Blake (13 years)

Caleb (17 years)
Joshua (13 years)
Amber (13 years)
Duane (10 years)
Payton (8 years)
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