What are the best free (and safe) movie streaming sites?

If you want to know which streaming is best for your needs, you may just want to look into the top streaming options that’s available. Since not all streaming sites are the same, some are often considered a lot better than others. Thankfully, with so much information available online, you can pick and review the data that others post and then make the best decision possible. Keeping this in mind, here are some things that you can review on each of the following to determine which streaming sites will meet and exceed your needs.

1. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is on the list of the top streaming sites today, especially since there is quite a bit it features that people like. For instance, here are some of the most notable features that people tend to enjoy the most about their platform.


  • Large selections of films that their loyal fans can watch regularly.
  • The quality of their videos is exceptional good which is a big plus for people who pay close attention to the clear images and pictures of what they watch.
  • This streaming platform comes with a wide range of player options
  • Mobile app for this streaming site is also been well designed and is simple to use


Just like any product or service that a business offer, there are some disadvantages as well as benefits. Therefore, if you want to get the complete picture of this streaming site, you will need to take these cons into account.

  • The site great because it is free for any user to access but it is also known for displaying lots of additional ads. Other sites are known for having much less
  • Some people like to sort the videos that they like in virtually any way that they like. Unfortunately, with Sony Crackle and the options that they provide, it excludes sorting their videos by its popularity.

2. Putlocker

Putlocker is another streaming site that people have access to. For those of you who are interested in what they offer, you can find this info online since it has millions of viewers that watch regularly. Even though this site cannot be viewed in the UK, it has gained a lot of momentum and is ranking high among the top 250 sites. These top 250 sites are noted for attracting traffic from users worldwide.


Putlocker has been around since 2011

The original team is still is maintaining this platform


Known for piracy and for changing domain names

Because it has many different proxies, it may not be considered the safest of options

3. Sockshare

If you are looking for a streaming site that you can watch all night, you may want to look at what Sockshare’s site to see what they are providing to their audiences. For instance, if you are looking for hollywood’s latest masterpieces, you may find that you have an awesome selection to make chooses from. At no cost, you will have a chance to save money on your outside entertainment budget since you can pick and choose films that are available in HD print.


  • Videos available for those that like to watch a wide range of categories
  • Great for action-packed enthusiast and horror movie fans too


  • Site’s Content may not be entirely legal
  • Safety Questioned

4. SnagFilms

When you are choosing a streaming site for the videos and movies that you like to watch, you can look around at a large selection of options online. As you choose streaming sites that you want to go back to, over and over again, you may want to add SnagFilms to your list of preferred streaming sites. This is because SnagFilms is known for having a big selection that you can use for your home entertainment needs. To see what this site has to offer you, here are both the pros and cons that you should review as you make your decision.


  • When you are looking for a movie that is fun for the family to watch, this site has made it is easy. With a feature that allows you to search easily for what you want, you can glean their uniquely divided collections.
  • You can stream your movies on several different devices
  • Minimal Ads so you do not have to worry about free sites that have a lot of commercialized ads


  • If you like to watch your movies with subtitles to interpret other languages, this may not be the streaming site for you. For instance, if you only speak Spanish fluently, you may have skip English movies.
  • Problems with buffering when you fast forward
  • Video rating and comments not available for the users

5. Yidio

To find the best streaming sites for your family, you may want to look at what Yidio’s website has to offer. Your family may be pleased to know that you can search for option on the site that gives you access to a host of free movies that you can enjoy together. Also, when you have small children in the home that cannot watch movies with ratings like R, you can still find categories of movies that are rated G and PG-13. Also, here are the pros and cons that you and your family will need to consider as you plan the family night.


  • Free Movies are Easy to search for
  • You can filter the films that you want to watch by MPAA and genre
  • The most popular movie category recently added to the site so if you do not find a free movie on the site that you want to watch, you will be given an option to locate a rent or buy alternatives.
  • This streaming site is great for finding the review scores of Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore, you do not always have to leave the site to determine if a movie is rated for you


  • Not all of the Movies that you see on the list are Free of Charge
  • Yidio has Movies Displayed that’s on other streaming sites
  • Quality is DVD

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